Our team of staff are one of the finest IT professionals on the market, with a minimum --university Degree in Computer Science or related IT education. in addition, our team has acquired many years of experience providing solutions to the most reputable companies... private, public and governments.

Expertise Hilights:

Staff /Team

Customer Care and Billing Systems (BSCS);
Industrial Internet Development (IID);
N-Tiers application development (Corba, jar .);
Software Testing (CRM, CCBS);
Mobil Telecommunication's Network and mainly the GSM;
Arbor/Bp, Amdoc, Portal, Clarify users;
Website development (Java, ColdFusion, ...);
. Website Design (Flash, Dreamweaver,);

E-commerce, E-solutions, E-business,
. E-BizCards (CD Business Card --Full development)...;

Network administration (UNIX, NT);
OS Administration (HP-UX, DEC, ...);
DBA (Oracle );
Shell scripting and PL/SQL development;

System architecture, application design.


Internet development
Stock Market

Security solutions & products

Some of the Achieved Work / Projects include

Various Governments Telecom Companies
. STET HELLAS Telecommunications S.A
. LHS Group
SchlumbergerSema France (former LHS France)
SchlumbergerSema Spain (former Sema Spain)
Amena Retevision Mobil Spain

Languages of support
English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German

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