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Type: Contract
# of Contractors: 3
Length: 6-7 months
Location: Canada & Overseas...
Note: New Project, urgent staff --required, send your resume now --Any BSCS related skills.

Description & Skills:
BSCS IX Release 2 is a must (customer care and billing system) skill is considered (migration, integration, database, mediation, senior architecture) ... Multiple platform expertise is a plus.... --Solaris, HP/UX Linux, Windows NT...Hardware / Servers

• SPARC ServerOperating System• Solaris 10Database (RDBMS)
•Oracle Education and experience- University degree or any other recognized technical education in computer science or related field- 10 years experience working on a telecom billing system BSCS.
- Good knowledge about customer business, operational processes and telco applications like: Customer Care, Billing & Rating, Provisioning, Mediation and Payment collection/dunning.
- Several years experience in startup, migration and replacement projects either with LHS or another system integrator partner, e.g.: Atos, CAP.- Expertise in customizing CXApplications/Software/Tools/Packages
• Webservices, SOA, C/C++, Java, JSP, Corba, Perl, shell scripting, SQL, PLSQL and MS office standard applications.

Presently we are looking for the following BSCS consultants
- (2) bilingual (English & French)
- (1) English speaking

Pay range between 700 to 1000 USD/Day -2 to 7 months projects.
High potential to be permanent.


Type: Contract
# of Contractors: 1
Length: 6-7 months
Location: USA

Description & Skills:
Any BSCS (customer care and billing system) skill is considered (migration, integration, database, mediation, test ...) ... Multiple platform expertise is a plus.... --Solaris, HP/UX Linux, Windows NT... Experience in website development --application for a mulit-national company in the hospitality industry. Heavy work load.


Type: Contract
Length: 4 months
Location: South America

Description & Skills:
Web development Content Management Systems, Software for the creation and maintenance of web content databases, uploading of individual content elements, creation and development of web pages through content life-cycle using pre-determined workflow, specifically Open Market IPS Xcelerate.; Authentication Systems, specifically in Commerce; Andromedia/Ariad) Web Application Development Systems, specifically Websphere, WebLogic, ColdFusion; Customization Systems (i.e. software for creating an infrastructure allowing end users to create customized data views); User Profiling Systems, Personalization Systems (i.e., systems enabling the serving up of individualized web content based on customer financial profile and data on customer internet usage).


Type: Contract
Length: 6-8 months
Location: Europe

Experience: in Telecommunications or data communications. Five or more years experience
developing networking products, posses a BSCS/BSEE/MS, or equivalent. Excellent understanding of several of the following protocols: Voice over IP (VOIP), GR-303, Q.931, Q.921, ISDN, AAL2, v5.2, tr8, ATM, TCP/IP, SNMP. Proven track record and have taken several projects through the complete development cycle.


Type: Contract
Length: 9 months
Location: Europe

Duties: Develop software applications for UNIX systems using C++ and developing network client/server applications using HTML.Required Skills and Experience:Two years experience developing non-trivial software applications for UNIX systems using C++One year experience developing network client/server applications using HTML Basic knowledge of compiler construction BSCS/EE. Additional Skills and Experience Desired:Windows NT development experience Experience with JAVA Applets and SServlets In-depth knowledge of compilers MSCS/EE. Education: BSCS or related


Type: Contract
Length: 5 months
Location: North America

Programmer Analyst, Perl, Sybase, Excel, Brokerage experience is prefered

Note: A University degree is required for all jobs or contracts

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